How do I change my wax melt?

to change your wax melt; light the tea light beneath the wax and wait up to 30 seconds until the wax has slightly melted on the bottom just enough for you to be able to pop the wax out by hand. Wipe up any excess wax with a cotton pad carefully & you're good to go to add a new wax melt and enjoy your next scent.


When will my order arrive?

Our turnaround is currently 1-3 working days. Please allow this time for your order to be processed, and an additional 3-5 days working days for your order to arrive.

Why is my wax smoking?

This is common in wax melts as some wax smokes, but it's good smoke. What you are seeing is simply the fragrance releasing into the air. It is safe so do not panic. It is just the scent throw releasing from the burning melt.